Mike Check bypasses the norm and transcends appearances. His stage name Mike Check, a phrase that emcees have been making popular for decades, originates from his actual name Michael Checklick. He has been drumming and songwriting since a teen growing up in a musical household. After winning several distinguished regional competitions such as Hot97’s Roc The Mic Showcase, he has continued to rock the stage, adding the moxie of a live band to his already contagious energy.

A dream big mindset and eclectic spirit helped Mike spring up from a small town at the end of Long Island. Eye-catching visuals in his music videos and fresh substance in his music has given tastemakers The Source, Vibe, Thisis50, DJ Booth, That’s Enuff and alike, reason to feature his work. Well established industry figures Lenny S, Rockwilder, Ski Beats, Peter Gunz and many others have professed that Mike is well on his way to carving out his own lane, comprised of hip hop, rock and international influences.

In February of 2013, he released his industry debut project, Stars, Dreams & Elbow Grease. This 14 song body of work captures a new lifestyle; one beyond societal conventions, and completely adverse from those with a lack of substance or expressionism. Mike Check is currently spreading his fanbase from coast to coast, closely relating to those ready to explore different corners of the universe!